Mat Pilates

Ongoing classes

 All classes available online via Zoom in 2020. Please contact me for booking and payment details & to receive your zoom link to class.

$17/ $15 concession
Buy a series of 5 class pass $75/ $65

to be used within 6 months.

Have you made any time for your self car

Mat Pilates

 Strengthen, realign, find balance. You have some Pilates experience and understand the basic principles of alignment, breathing and centering. Some challenges, stretches and finishing with a guided relaxation.

$17/$15 concession

Beginner Pilates course

8 week program which is offered throughout the year. Dates and times to be confirmed. Expressions of interest and bookings essential.

 Investment $120/ $104 concession

Women Stretching on Yoga Mat

Beginner Pilates Course

An 8 week course, designed to teach take you through the Pilates ABC. You will learn how to find correct alignment in the body whilst performing each exercise. Work with breath and access our deepest muscles to provide support to the body. 

$120 / $104 concession


Private Pilates

By appointment. Flying solo or share with a friend. We can focus specifically on you and your needs. An Initial assessment is included in this class and then home program created for you.Allow 1 1/2 hours for this. A further option is to purchase a series of 5 classes to work on some goals and create some change. Allow 1 hour for these classes.

Pilates Exercise

Private Pilates

Tailored to suit your needs. A single private session includes an assessment and a personal home practice designed for you. Allow 1 1/2 hours. 

Investment $70/ $60 concession


Pilates series of 5 classes to work on some goals over a period of time. This may be done with a friend to share the fun and the cost. $300 or $250 concession. Allow 1 hour for each of these classes.

Love Your Bones

Optimise bone health with this fun 8 - 10 week program.  Bookings and pre-payment are essential for this popular class. 

Recommencing term 1 2021

Pilates Class

Love Your Bones

From our 40's onwards we need to make extra time for self care, particularly bone health which tends to  decrease after menopause. These 1 hour classes combine pilates, yoga, balance, weight bearing exercise, low - to -moderate impact aerobics and exercise with hand held weights.

Join us for this 8 - 10 week program Fridays 10.30 - 11.30am through the school term.

Bookings essential for this fun program.

Pilates and Yoga Under The Trees

A perfect way to start the new year with this fun Summer series of classes. No prior experience required as these will be mixed level classes where you offer yourself a bit of morning goodness. BYO mats, towel and strap. Payment and booking is required prior to class as there is a limit of 10 participants per class. Classes are held on the foreshore next to the skate park under the shade of the cypress tree.

Misty Sunbeams

Pilates & Yoga Under The Trees

Pilates and yoga practiced on the foreshore under the cypress tree next to the skate park from December to Australia day weekend.

No prior experience required. Create balance, strength and ease through your body. 

Pilates mats provided, BYO yoga mat. 

Thursday 8.30am Pilates


Sunday 8.30am yoga

9.45am Pilates.

$15/ $10 under 18

Wu Tao Dance

Well being through and dance, stretches and guided meditations. working along the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, Wu Tao brings balance, vitality, clarity and turns up the volume on our inner wisdom. Currently on hold.


Wu Tao Dance

Discover the beautiful benefits of Wu Tao dance. Based on the ancient wisdom of  TCM, bring balance to body and mind with dances that harmonise the body's energy, (qi) to bring you to a place of inner peace. 

Dances, stretches and meditations to take you there. No dance experience necessary.

A beginners course coming soon in 2020. 

Pilates Under The Trees

Where: On the foreshore next to the skate park, under the shade of the cypress tree.

When:  8.30 - 9.30am

Days to be announced

From December 29th to January 26th 2021

Restore balance to your body.

Suitable to all levels of experience.

B.Y.O mat, towel and strap.

Class bookings and payments must be made prior to class as classes will be limited to 10 students.

$15 per class. $10 under 18 years

Cancelled if raining.

Enquiries Louise 0429 403 498