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Hello I'm Louise and I'm really fortunate to live in a small coastal town on the Southern ocean, called Apollo Bay and it is here that I share my passion for wellbeing through movement  through the modalities of Pilates, yoga and Wu Tao Dance.

I grew up loving the movement and music of dance, but also the joy that it ignited. No longer wanting to perform on the stage, but still wanting to dance, I discovered Wu Tao Dance, created by Michelle Locke. This is a dance technique that can change your prescription of the way you see yourself and others. I love sharing this!

I've always loved watching dancers not only on the stage, but also in the street and the way that they so gracefully move through space. My love affair with dance took in not only that along with tutus, leotards and leg warmers but also the way the dancers supported and strengthened their bodies to prevent or sometimes rehabilitate from injury. Dancers that worked early on with Joseph Pilates, created longer and leaner muscles, greater mobility and strength through the body. 

.....and so Pilates

Pilates is an achievable practice to help build strength in your core muscles for better posture, functionality, flexibility and overall body balance. It's emphasis is strongly on proper alignment whilst working through the exercises, muscular balance throughout the body and breathing practice.

The exercises can always be adapted to suit you are your body's current needs, so I'll meet you wherever you are at today.

In my twenties I attended my first yoga class and I loved how I felt after class. My practice and love of yoga has been number one in my toolkit since then. It informs how I walk through my day and it provides the lightness, steadiness and is such an anchor for me. It helps me to remember what's important in my heart and keeps turning me back to that when I forget again and again. 


All of my classes aim to leave you with a sensation of feeling actively calm and calmly active. A phrase I love coined by one of my teachers.I have been fortunate to have had many great teachers in my life, both young and old and I'm passionate and inspired to share these beautiful balancing practices with you.

"We all need to find and pursue that one activity that animates and drives us. In moments of great physical, spiritual or mental turmoil. This one passion, this anchor will sail you towards happiness and love."

Ananda Shankar Jayant



Throughout our period of social distancing and self isolation, I would like to offer you a chance to participate in my online classes. Looking after our physical and emotional health through exercise, movement, breath and guided relaxation. Community connection is also of the uptmost importance to keep us uplifted through this challenging time.

If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, purchase your online 5 class pass, by filling out the contact form below and I will respond ASAP.

As a favourite teacher of mine said, 'We are all just walking each other home.' - Ram Das


Build strength and control from the deep core muscles to offer support and stability. Improve balance, posture, energy and vitality. 

All classses have been available online via Zoom in 2020. 

I look forward to seeing you live in 2021.

Tuesday Mixed Level class 5.30-6.30pm

Investment $17/ $15 concession

Buy a class series of 5: $75 / $65 concession. to be used within 6 months of purchcase.


Learn the basic Pilates principals where we will discover some important self care tools to create change within the body. Join us for this 8 week beginner course in Term 1 and Term 4 2021. Please contact Louise with your expressions of interest.

Investment $120/ $104 concession


Have a class created specifically for you and your body. This can  fast track your progress or work towards some goals to create change in your body. Fly solo or choose to share with a friend. 

We can focus specifically on your needs. An initial assessment is included in this class and a home program created for you. Please allow 1 1/2 hours for this. To follow on, a further option is to purchase a series of 5 classes to continue working together. Please allow one hour for these classes.


Details to come through 2021.


Optimise bone health through exercise with this focused and fun 8 week program. These one hour classes combine mat pilates, yoga, balance and weight bearing exercise with hand held weights and low to moderate impact aerobics.

Investment $120/ $104 concession.

Recommencing term 1 2021.


Summer series from December 27th til January 24th. The mats move outside to the foreshore.  What better way start your day/holiday. All levels welcome. No experience needed. Please bring your own mat/towel and strap/belt. Bookings and pre-payment essential to make this contacless and to gather your necessary personal details. Please see below Pilates Under the Trees for booking.

These classes are held under the cypress tree next to the skate park on the Apollo Bay foreshore.

Sunday, Wednesday & Friday mornings at 8.30- 9.30am.

Sunday December 27th til Sunday Jan 24th


61 Noel Street, Apollo Bay, Victoria, Australia, 3233

Tel: 0429-403-498


Thankyou, I will be in touch soon.